Rehab & Flip Loans

Workman-Stud WorkRehab & Flip Loans

                                                                    Up to 90% Purchase                                                                          100% Rehab Costs Financed
Minimum 550 credit score
$75,000. – 1M loan amount
Close in 2 weeks
No full appraisal (we use BPO’s)

Where’d all the starter homes go? They’re rentals.

The lack of starter home inventory for first-time homebuyers has been documented over the past couple of years, with agents and brokers in all markets reporting that the pickings for entry-level buyers remains woefully slim even years after the Great Recession. A new “Housing Insights” report from Fannie Mae offers a potential explanation: Starter home inventory has shifted from owner-occupancy to rentals.

Source: Where’d all the starter homes go? They’re rentals.